Keeping Motivated

We all have struggles with motivation some have it harder than others. It can be a daily struggle to get out of bed, motivate yourself to get to the bus on time for work ect. Here are some motivational hacks to get you up and out.

Set mini-goals

Think of small goals as though they’re the markers on a bowling alley or the rungs of a ladder. They help facilitate the accomplishment of your end goal while giving you something much more manageable to aim for.

For the marathon, I’ve set a lot of health- and body-related mini-goals (and, maybe more importantly, mini-rewards) that I’m hoping will help me measure my progress and success as I approach the marathon.

My friend, for example, is hoping to lose a total of 15 pounds as a result of her marathon training. So, not only does she have another goal to aim for, but she’s also dissected her 15-pound goal with mini-goals and rewards for every 5 pounds lost.

Take advantage of your competitive nature

If you’ve set up all of your mini-goals and you still don’t feel that you’ve got the motivation you need, try setting up a contest. Of course, in order to get a contest going, you need at least two people, right?

Well, that’s sort of true. If you do have a second (or third, etc.) person with whom you’re working toward a common goal, then it’s easy to set up contests. If not, you can still compete with yourself.

With my mini-goals and contests in place, any long-term goal becomes much more manageable and less abstract.

Set mini-rewards

But what worth do mini-goals and contests have without mini-rewards? When my friend loses her first 5 pounds from healthy eating and exercise, she’s rewarding herself with one disgustingly fatty but totally delicious meal. When she accomplishes her final weightloss goal, she’s rewarding herself with a shopping spree for a new wardrobe.

To keep myself going from month-to-month, I’ve promised myself that, as long as I keep hitting my workout goals, I’m going to reward myself with a 30-minute professional massage. The promise of that massage is a terrific motivator. The winner of the best-abs contest will be treated to dinner and a movie by the loser (no one really loses that contest, though).

Grow your goals

Another way that you can think of this is growing your goals. Since there’s so much involved in the final goal of running the marathon (or whatever your big goal may be), it should be easy to dissect your goal for everything you’re hoping to accomplish by achieving it.

Sit down with your resolutions and see how you can break them down and pull out some mini-goals that you’d like to accomplish on the way. If you can flesh out some of your motivations for pursuing a goal, it should become very easy to put together a list of mini-goals and rewards that will make achieving that goal seem much more manageable.

I hope these give you a little kick of motivation to get things going.

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