Working with Project Global by James Woodman


james woodman

Name: James Woodman


Job Title: Lead Planner (Manager)
Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Job Description?
Managing day to day planning across several significant projects. This encompasses clients, company officials, and the employees themselves. An overall drive to elevate the planning standards to accomplish a Tier one level contractor.
What are your day to day responsibilities?
Visiting various sites to set standards in planning, client interaction as well as numerous meetings as required. Dealing with different employee cultures from a technical as well as personal level.
What is it about Project Global that you like?
The constant attention to communications and keeping me updated with the process, my agent was extremely collaborative in his efforts to place and represent me to the client and due diligence to finalizing the process.
What was your latest experience with Project Global?
My agent called to check with me on how things are going and his effort to keep in touch and keep me abreast of the latest developments in the industry.
How quick are Project Global at placing you in positions?
Given it was an international placement, my agent followed up consistently. Some things were beyond his control, but he showed perseverance.
What was your latest position you were placed in?
In my role as Lead Planner with Kentz Saudi Arabia.
What was your experience like in this role?
I have worked in numerous roles before of this nature, my agent was quick to identify my skill set and get me in front of prospective employers.
What where the positives?
The positives are pretty consistent here though out the process.

A bit of fun now, if you had a super power what would it be and why?
To be the best project controls practitioner and planner in the industry

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