Working For Project Global – Rudy Desouza

Working For Project Global

Here at Project Global we are always trying strive to be the best. Our Financial Director talks about his time at Project Global.

Name: Rudy De Souza

Job Title: Finance Director

 Rudy Desouza

Job Description:  My role varies from day-to-day but consists of creating and managing the financial accounts, using financial models to assist in strategic planning, invoicing, credit control, contracts and procurement, payroll and any special projects such as the implementation of new software and hardware.

I am also the go to person in the office for the problem solving of any technical enquires and is the company liaison for all suppliers.

 What are the positives working for Project Global? 

I like the fact that we are a close knit group and being in a growing SME means your personal development grows exponentially. This allows me to learn new skills consistently, therefore developing myself and my career further.


Any negatives? No, no negatives. I do need to learn to manage my tasks more effectively and learn to be able to delegate sometimes.


A bit of fun now, if you had a super power what would it be and why?

Tricky one, which Marvel character should I be, let’s go with telepathy so that I will not only know what everyone is thinking but can also control them too!


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