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Jobs for Extroverts

No matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert finding a job that suits you can be difficult.However,If you’re naturally confident and outgoing, finding a job that plays to your strengths could be the key to finding happiness in your career.


Air Cabin Crew

Cabin crew members work together to ensure passengers have a safe and comfortable journey. Whether it’s through serving food and drink, comforting nervous flyers, or simply demonstrating emergency procedures, they always need to have a polite but firm approach in every element of their job.

If your extroverted personality means you’re an excellent communicator with an ability to deal with all kinds of situations – this might be the perfect role for you.

Will I need a degree? No. However, there are some basic entry requirements involving height, fitness, swimming ability, and passport validity (although these will vary from airline to airline).

Perfect for: People who can stay calm in difficult situations.

Avoid if: You don’t deal well with turbulence.


Event Coordinator

A sociable and friendly personality is a big part of being an extrovert, and this role will really allow you to play on those strengths; if you’re a natural planner with a knack for effective communication, a career in organising events could be for you.

Will I need a degree? There are no set prerequisites to become an Event Coordinator, but previous experience in a similar field will be beneficial.

Perfect for: People who like organising parties more than they like attending them.

Avoid if: You’re always fashionably late.


Recruitment Consultant

If you have great interpersonal skill,determination, enthusiasm, and an ability to meet deadlines and work towards goals which are essential qualities for any Recruitment Consultant then this role is right up your street.

Their day-to-day duties are diverse, and will involve ongoing and effective communication with both current and potential candidates and clients.

Tasks range from networking and headhunting candidates, reviewing CVs, and carrying out and/or arranging interviews, to using their excellent skills in negotiation and sales to pursue clients with their specific needs in mind.

Will I need a degree? Recruitment consultancy positions are often graduate roles, but it’s possible to join the field without a degree. Previous experience in a similar field is beneficial.

Perfect for: People who are natural matchmakers.

Avoid if: You still refer to it as a curriculum vitae or dislike picking up the phone.


Sales Manager

If you’re a goal oriented person who enjoys organising a team, boosting morale, and ultimately keeping both colleagues and clients satisfied (all typical extrovert traits), a career in sales management could be for you.

Will I need a degree? A degree isn’t essential to become a Sales Manager, but previous experience in sales is usually necessary.

Perfect for: People who don’t give up easily.  

Avoid if: You’re more likely to be persuaded than be persuasive.  

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